Being a member of Get Women Cycling (GWC) means that you'll always have the opportunity to be involved in our indoor group rides, as well as our recreational, on-street, and off-road rides. All members are integral spokes in our wheel of success.


You will increase your knowledge about biking as a member of GWC.  This means you'll have access to attend our workshops ranging from bike mechanics to safety.  Other helpful workshops include body alignment and bike fit, seasonal preparations, and much more. 


Your presence pumps us up. GWC is stronger and better with your participation.  Join our friendly and outgoing group -- which is strongly supported by community members, bicycle shops, and bike friendly businesses.

save time and money

Take advantage of our shopping assistance, special sale previews, exclusive GWC store hours, and discounts. 

make a difference

Represent women cyclists through our advocacy efforts.  Programs and issues that GWC are passionate about include -- petitioning for more protected bike lanes, rallying for safer streets, promoting sustainable transportation and healthy living.

Become a member now. email us for more information.

The efforts of Get Women Cycling are amazing and long overdue. Run by women for women they are doing something that bike shops and manufacturers have been trying to do for years: Connect with women and convince them that they can ride a bicycle and enjoy it. This is important because cycling is a pathway to good health and a cleaner greener environment. Whether riding for fun, fitness or transportation GWC is breaking down the barrier and putting an end to the intimidation that keeps many women from participating in such a healthy and enriching activity. We are a proud member and fan of GWC!
— Jessica and Pete Kocher, Proprietors of Ride Brooklyn, Brooklyn NY

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