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The United States has one of the lowest percentages of female bike ridership in the western world.

In 2009 the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) brought the gender-gap discrepancy to light. Since then the League launched the nation's first Women Bike advocacy initiative, and funded several grassroots initiatives to bolster women's bicycle ridership.

In addition to LAB's action,  major bicycle manufacturers created women specific products to better serve female customers. Cities across the country improved city infrastructure for safer bicycle riding and have adapted bike share programs providing greater accessibility to bicycles and increasing the visibility of cyclists.

These initiatives help all cyclists integrate bicycling into their lives better, especially women riders. They create versatile and affordable transportation options, as well as, contribute to economic and environmental sustainability.

We are excited by this trend and through our mission we are committed to continuing the growth of female bicycle ridership.

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For more information on how to support Get Women Cycling email info@getwomencycling.com.

I discovered Get Women Cycling by happy accident at last year’s Bike Expo and was thrilled to find a group dedicated to women bicyclists of varying interests and abilities. I am an avid non-competitive cyclist who had been riding a heavy mountain bike on long distance rides for 15 years. When I wanted to upgrade to a road bike, I was overwhelmed by the choices and options to consider. GWC was amazing at listening to my needs, asking questions and helping me find the best road bike for me. They even accompanied me to stores to “test ride” bicycles! I also love their emphasis on giving women skills to maintain their own bikes, something that can be intimidating in male-dominated bike shop environments. I’m looking forward to joining Get Women Cycling on organized group rides and meeting more women cyclists.
— Beth, Cyclist, Brooklyn NY